what we do

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our clients. We put the interests of our clients above any self-interest.  I conduct an extensive initial free interview with potential clients to determine their goals and priorities.  At the conclusion of the interview, we provide a lengthy and detailed explanation (based on 30 years of experience and training) of the likelihood of achieving their goals and the estimated time and expense to complete the task.  We limit the number of clients we accept in order to provide quality representation.  Our business model uniquely prioritizes quality representation for each client.  We love our jobs and getting to know our clients and it shows in the results we achieve.

AUTOMOBILE COLLISIONS – Automobile collisions have long been the primary cause of accidental injury and death in the U.S.  Although the cause of most accidents is relatively clear, (such as intersection collisions or rear-end collisions) the damages sustained are frequently contested by insurance companies.  Hepworth Law Office has successfully represented clients injured due to negligent highway design, negligently designed construction zones, complex multi-vehicle collisions, collisions caused by animals and negligent driving instruction, among many others.  These situations require properly qualified experts in engineering, human factors, psychology, perception/reaction, and visibility.  Hepworth Law has the experience to find the right experts for your unique situation.

INJURIES CAUSED BY FALLS – Statistics indicate the second leading cause of accidental death and injury is from falling.  Falls are frequently caused by negligent design, negligent construction, or negligent maintenance.  Hepworth Law has successfully handled serious injury accidents caused by inadequate lighting in parking lots, negligently constructed stairways and walkways, hidden trip hazards, and negligently maintained walkways and handicap ramps.

EMPLOYMENT DISPUTES – Hepworth Law represents either employees or employers in employment disputes.  We have represented military service members wrongfully terminated, victims of disability, sex, and age discrimination, as well as employees deprived of disability or severance benefits.  Hepworth Law has also represented employers enforcing their rights to non-competition from former employees and the right to terminate at will employees.  This is a complicated area of law requiring the advice and counsel of a knowledgeable and experienced advocate.

COMMERCIAL LITIGATION – Hepworth Law has had extensive litigation experience with complicated business disputes.  Hepworth Law recently assisted the founder of a successful waste management business get his company back from a business partner that wrongfully ejected him from the company.  Hepworth Law represented a trout producer against a processing plant operator that failed to accept deliveries of trout as required under their consensual self-written “output” contract.  The favorable verdict was upheld on appeal to the Idaho Supreme Court.  Hepworth Law has assisted numerous business owners in partnership disputes.  Experienced litigation counsel is a requirement to obtain just results.

CONSTRUCTION DISPUTES – Architects, contractors, subcontractors, and owners frequently become entangled in disputes over proper construction of buildings.  Hepworth Law has extensive experience litigating construction disputes such as negligently designed and constructed cold roofs, negligently designed and constructed milking parlor on a large dairy, and an improperly constructed ag storage facility.  Construction litigation requires a deep knowledge of construction process and design.  Hepworth’s vast experience in construction litigation for 30 years enables us to effectively and efficiently protect our client’s interests.  We have an extensive understanding of the current commercial general liability policies (CGL) at issue.


National statistics indicate 98% of lawsuits that are filed are settled prior to trial.  At Hepworth Law, our sole focus is to be extremely well prepared to go to trial so that you are not forced to settle unless you want to settle.  It is always the client’s choice.  It is critical that your attorney has the knowledge and experience to properly present your story to a jury.  The key to proper presentation is preparation, preparation, preparation.  At Hepworth Law, we know how to prepare and we are prepared.  THAT IS WHAT WE DO.